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How to create shadow effect using clipping path in Photoshop

14 September

Shadow effect

Shadow effect is a common and important work for Graphic Industries. When a Picture was/are Captured or created there are some essential editing needed to make the picture better than ever. The designer has to go through some certain types of procedure to make a editing. Shadow effect is one of them.

shadow effect before after

Let’s start the tutorial-

Step 1:

As you see. I select a product shoe for the shadow making. Already I created a clipping path for the shoe with pen tool by drawing the exact outline edge to move it into a transparent background

shadow making

Step 2:

Take a new layer and paste color on the new layer for bright background and different from white

shadow making

Step 3:

Use pen tool to draw the path just under the shoe to make shadow layer; draw as same as I did in the image, but it can be different base on product size

shadow making

Step 4:

Select work path on the path layer and click over the path to active visibility and paste a similar color on the shadow path

shadow making

Step 5:

Move the shadow layer under layer 1

shadow making

Step 6:

Add layer mask from bottom layer 1 beside the layer 3

shadow making

Step 7:

Use a layer mask from bottom layer 1 beside the layer 3

shadow making

Step 8:

If you are satisfied with the editing save the JPEG format

shadow effect


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