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Simple way to create wallpaper design on an illustrator

13 September

This tutorial teaches you through steps in creating professional background and wallpapers. You can easily get an idea how to create wallpaper on your own- Tutorial: Step 1: Open an art board for creating wallpaper Step 2: Place a rectangular on the artboard size and paste it blue color as shape color Step 3: Choose […]

Basic concepts of Adobe Illustrator

16 August

Basic concept First of all, we can understand by concept of illustrator is A design perception is a thought behind a design. It does how we plan on to solve the designing problem in front of us. Most importantly,  It’s the underlying logic and thinking for how we will design. Our designing concept becomes the […]

Terms on Raster to vector conversion with Adobe Illustrator

23 July

Raster to Vector We know vector is something that we can easily scale an image up or down infinite times without losing its original quality. On the other hand, the raster is something which one is working with tiny pixels. So if we choose to maximize any raster image it’s not possible to maintain its […]

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How to convert photo into line art using Photoshop

14 May

Line Art Line Art is the Illustration method and with illustrator Pen tool or Photoshop filters to create out Line of Product or Shape of any objective. Usually to build up any plan we need to create a sketch first to modify and finalize any design which also refers line art Dimensions of Line Art Line […]