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How to replace color with a layer in photoshop

14 February

Color replace with photoshop layer Use the Image > Adjust option to color replace a picture. Enlarge the contrast to make colors richer. Decreasing it to wash them out for images that text can be located over top. Enhance brightness to bring out detail from darker areas. Reduce it to melt away darker areas of an […]

How to turn day into night conversion in Photoshop

06 February

Turning day into night Its is not so easy to turning day into night for the photo owners to do that editing. With graphical photo editing tools, you may do the proper editing if you have the proper knowledge to utilize them. Photo-conversion is the theory to convert this type of conversion with photoshop For […]

Easy way to color adjustment in photoshop for photo editing

01 February

Color adjustment Do not confuse color adjustment with stylizing an image. These are two different terms by Photoshop photo editing tools. Color adjustment is about a good balance of coloring of the entire image. It takes many exhausting hours to upload your images at a time. We propose the easiest way to enhance your photos […]

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How to fix damage photo in Photoshop

05 December

Fix damage photo Damage photo repair becomes helpful when people want to admire the gorgeousness of not only contemporary photography but also of such pictures that were done decades before. But it is hard to be returned back at all. However, up-to-date photograph restoration services have proved that they are powerful sufficient to turn this […]

Hair Masking Service in Photoshop

28 November

Hair masking Hair masking is one of the admired images masking technique. Images precisely edited becomes very hard in professional photographs, therefore, Our services are particularly helpful when it comes to photos of models and fashion-related images where it is essential to extract masking objects such as hair, fur, or wool. Hair masking services are […]

How to change object colors in Photoshop

09 November

Change colors of an object In today’s tutorial, I will go to give you an idea about three different methods that will permit you to choose and change colors in Photoshop. When editing images, sometimes you need to change colors of an object in the image. Maybe you would like to see what your car […]

How to fix an overexposed photo in Photoshop

12 September

Fix an overexposed photo You can learn how to fix an overexposed photo with a very simple technique to the one you will be learning here. Both techniques work by merely adding a Levels adjustment layer above the image and then altering the adjustment layer’s blend mode. Let’s start the tutorial about fix an overexposed […]

Simple photo editing tips for photo lovers with Photoshop

07 August

Photo editing tips Have you determined to get your first professional camera and desire to create a name for yourself as a photographer? Or possibly you are just confused about photo editing criteria which make your photo extraordinary !! With some simple photo editing tips for dramatic photography, you can get your photo work to […]

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How to sharpen an image with high pass filter in photoshop

19 July

Image sharpening Image sharpening is a figment of your imagination. It works by rising contrast along the boundaries of substance in a picture. Photoshop can’t distinguish exact objects, of course, so it considers an edging to be any area wherever there’s a big, sudden modify in strength or color between neighboring pixels. Tutorial: Step 1: […]

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How to retouch and create sunny day portrait in Photoshop

11 July

Retouch outdoor portrait Whenever we click any photos we desire that image to be very perfect to look at. The perfection of lighting and correct weather gives a photo a nice outlook and extraordinary image factors. Sometimes we take a photo but it doesn’t seem so well for the bad timing and environment. Less lighting […]

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