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How to turn image into a collage with Photoshop

12 July

Image Collage

To generate the image collage effect, you need to start by crop the picture into a square, and then you need divide it into slighter squares.

collage before after

Moreover, Add a border approximately every one so they look like divide photos, and then shift and turn them into place. Lastly, change the backdrop color, and finish off by adding up a drop shade behind the effect.


Step 1:

First of all, you need to do is crop the image into the square, set aspect ratio to a square.

photo collage

Step 2:

Go to view menu and choose the new guide

photo collage

Step 3:

And Photoshop adds its first horizontal guide in the image

photo collage

Step 4:

Same way again, go to view  new guide  horizontal 66% ok

photo collage

Step 5:

Photoshop also add the second guide

photo collage

Step 6:

As like before adding vertical guide by choosing the vertical option from the new guide; make sure selections will snap to the guides

Therefore, Go to view  snap to  guides

photo collage

Step 7:

To copy its new own layer go to layer  new  layer via copy.

photo collage

Step 8:

The square now copied to its own layer.

photo collage

Step 9:

consequently, Follow exact the steps and copy all the 9 squares on the canvas

photo collage

Step 10:

Though we don’t need guides anymore let’s hide them; select view  show guides  ok

photo collage

Step 11:

Reselect the crop tool and enlarge the canvas size from the image photo

photo collage

Step 12:

Go to edit  fill black  ok

photo collage

Step 13:

Add stroke to each square to make it separate; for that select first layer  click layer style (fx) bottom style of layer panel

photo collage

Step 14:

In layer style, set the position inside the value around 7 pixels or something like that

photo collage

Step 15:

The border appears around the square in the upper left

photo collage

Step 16:

To quickly apply the same style you need to copy and paste it. right click  copy layer style

photo collage

Step 17:

You can see the same style applied in the second square and do the steps furthermore

photo collage

Step 18:

Select all the layers together and right click over the layers  paste layer style  altogether to apply the same style

photo collage

Step 19:

Select background to change its color by picking the suitable color from the portrait

photo collage

Step 20:

Go to layer  group layers  to group all the layers together

photo collage

Step 21:

Right-click on the drop shadow

photo collage


Step 22:

Adjust the drop shadow filters opacity, angle, distance, size etc base on your requirements

photo collage

Step 23:

Finally, save the edited image after adjusting all the outer squares for creating an image collage

photo collage


In conclusion, Thanks for visiting our tutorial. We Click Art BD LTD family is always for you to give the best solution for any type of complex photo editing.

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