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Object removing tutorial in Photoshop using Photoshop filters

04 February

Remove unwanted object

Whether you need to help with retouching the background removing unwanted objects making the grass little greener, professional real estate and architectural photo editing pays off. According to research, the more photo is sharpened the more it looks gorgeous.

object remove before after

Taking a perfect shot is an art. It is a fine combination of technical skills and creative vision; it is camera capability blend with sure hands. Unfortunately, even the best cameras and outstanding skills cannot secure you from an occasional tourist or a crippled background on a photo. You can remove an unwanted object from an image with Photoshop

Let’s follow the tutorial-

Step 1:

Open the image on the portrait and select the unwanted area with the lasso tool and draw the line

object remove tutorial

Step 2:

Go to edit  fill  to fill with a transparent object

object remove tutorial

Step 3:

Choose content aware from fill bounding box, mode- normal, and set opacity 100%

object remove tutorial

Step 4:

You can see the area between the red mark is vanished magically after applying content aware.

object remove tutorial

Step 5:

You can see the destroyed area now. Draw the path with lasso tool over that destroyed area to apply to fill again

object remove tutorial

Step 6:

To adjust the area with surroundings need a content aware tool to mesh the mess-up areas.

object remove tutorial

Step 7:

You are ready to save the file if your editing is done. Edit the photograph with Photoshop till you are satisfied with the output

object remove tutorial

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