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How to Use Overlays in Photoshop for Photo Editing

07 November

Use overlays in a photograph

Photoshop actions and overlays will change your photos, attractive the monotonous picture or even improving it severely with the help of layers and textures. Whether you want to add a gorgeous effect of fog, sun rays or falling snow, you will find out the Photoshop overlay for almost all pictures.

overlay image before after

Today here we are learning how to use overlays in Photoshop. It is not essential to aim your own texture in order to start the workflow-

Step 1:

Choose the photo you want to alter with the help of Photoshop overlays. Choose a portrait or a picture where there is a lot of space to confirm the effect. In such a way the picture will be more beautiful.

overlay image on a photo

Step 2:

Open the photo you want to apply the overlay. Upload and save the picture of the watercolor

overlay image on a photo

Step 3:

Pick the Hard Light blending mode.

overlay image on a photo

Step 4:

Add a mask; select a soft black brush, set the Flow to 15% so that it does not eliminate the texture too much. After that lightly draw the area where you want the texture. For example, face and hands.

overlay image on a photo

Step 5:

Switch the brush to white color, if you want to return the area. Then this will allow you to return the part of the overlay that you removed.

overlay image on a photo

Step 6:

If you need to lighten the element just lower the opacity for the image from the layer menu

overlay image on a photo

So here is the final output after editing –

use overlay in image


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